digihealth pulse features data from the Digital Health Consumer Tracking Study and is the Home of a High-Impact Global Virtual Digital Health Conference
digihealth pulse has two goals: to investigate the impact of digital content on health behaviors and help people learn from the world's best minds about the future of health. digihealth pulse's research arm is powered by enmoebius, a patented digital surveillance and behavioral measurement technology developed by Enspektos, LLC.

Why digihealth pulse?

Enspektos, LLC launched the digihealth pulse project in 2012.  As of 2014, it has two arms:

  • Original Research: An ongoing study designed to uncover how active digital health consumers think about and are influenced by health technology and content published on the Web and social media
  • Conference: The world’s first virtual conference focused on bringing people together from all over the world to learn from thought leaders and each other about the future of digital health

About digihealth pulse Research


Enspektos, LLC launched digihealth pulse’s research efforts in 2012 to address two predicaments in digital health consumer research we call the iceberg and snapshot problems.

The iceberg problem refers to the fact that statistics on how people utilize digital technologies such as XX% search online to find health information only scratch the surface.   These data fail to answer the important what, why and how questions.  Why are people motivated to turn to the Web?  What are they seeing on sites like Web MD, Facebook and Twitter?  How are specific pieces of content influencing their health perceptions and medical decisions?  In digital health, we’ve only been surveying the tip of the iceberg.  We need to investigate its depths.

In addition, most current research takes snapshots of digital health consumers’ online activities.  Yet, relying on data snapshots only gives us a  limited picture of the dynamic and ever-changing digital health content environment.  There’s a lot going on in between the data points.  Topics change, crises emerge, trends rise and fall.  Digital data photography is not sufficient.  We need to start shooting video.

digihealth pulse is a first-of-its-kind research project designed to solve the iceberg and snapshot problems.  On this Website you’ll find a dashboard featuring select insights from the digihealth pulse data stream (across the health topics we are researching. (We’ve conducted two digihealth pulse studies to date, the first in late 2012 and the second in late 2013.)   Learn more about digihealth pulse by clicking the buttons (and viewing the presentation) below. (Please note that this presentation was delivered at the digihealth pulse’s launch, and certain aspects of the study — such as the total sample size — have changed since.)


For additional insights from digihealth pulse:

  • Read ePatient 2015 – 15 Surprising Trends Changing Health Care, a wide-ranging book co-authored by Enspektos’ founder Fard Johnmar, which features a range of data from the 2013 edition of digihealth pulse – Click here to learn more about the book
  • Subscribe to enmoebius bronze, a unique member-supported digital health intelligence and advisory service featuring in-depth data from digihealth pulse and much more – Click here to learn more and start a free 10-day trial subscription

About digihealth pulse Virtual 2014: The World’s First All-Web Digital Health Conference


Launched in April 2014, digihealth pulse Virtual 2014 (DHPV 2014) is an all-Web conference designed to spread what Enspektos’ founder Fard Johnmar calls: the digital health innovation virus.  This refers to the the process of exposure, excitement, idea generation and execution that can be ignited when people from diverse backgrounds come together to learn from one another and forge connections.  DHPV 2014 was held from May 19-21, 2014.  To learn more about the event (and access its outputs), please click here.



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