Can the Holy Grail of the Truly Connected Patient Be Achieved? | Digital Health Illustrated – Episode 2 (Part 1)


I’m pleased to bring you another episode of Digital Health Illustrated, a unique video blog series featuring new thinking, original research and more about how digital technologies are influencing health globally.

Episode Description

The Holy Grail of the Truly Connected Patient

With companies like Apple and Google developing devices, software and capabilities that will allow for the increased collection and analysis of health data, it appears that the dream of the truly connected patient is close to being achieved.

Yet, there are a number of obstacles that must be overcome before this holy grail can be located and seized.

Watch this episode of Digital Health Illustrated to learn more.

Note: This episode is 7:38 long. Click the image below to view this video.


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Fard Johnmar

About the Author

Fard Johnmar is founder and president of Enspektos, LLC, which powers digihealth pulse. Enspektos is an innovation consultancy focused on helping health organizations use digital technologies to spark action among consumers, healthcare providers, caregivers and others. He is also a 2013-2014 Fellow at the Society for New Communications Research, a global think tank focused on the advanced study of the latest developments in new and emerging communications tools and technologies.  He also is co-author of ePatient 2015: 15 Surprising Trends Changing Health Care.

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