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digihealth pulse has two goals: to investigate the impact of digital content on health behaviors and help people learn from the world's best minds about the future of health. digihealth pulse's research arm is powered by enmoebius, a patented digital surveillance and behavioral measurement technology developed by Enspektos, LLC.

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African-American Digital Health Consumers Trust Providers Less Than Other Groups, But Social Media More

Open Access Availability: Public Access Expires April 28, 2013 One of the factors influencing whether online and social media health information is noticed and changes behavior is trust.  Given this, we thought it would be important to measure how trustworthy active digital health consumers find health and wellness content delivered via the Web, social media […]

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We Live in a Digital World, But Health is Still About Humans

Open Access Availability: Public Access Does Not Expire This may come as a shock to some, but health is still very much a human endeavor. Throughout our research — whether it is with active digital health consumers, online moms or health providers — people are telling us the same thing: We use digital technologies, but […]

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Investigating the Influence of Digital Health Content: Looking Back and Ahead

Open Access Availability: Public Access Does Not Expire Just before the New Year, Paul Sonnier of Popper and Co and the 14,000 strong Digital Health LinkedIn group highlighted a report published by the World Economic Forum (WEF) defining digital health and the role information plays in health and wellness.  I thought this quote from the […]

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Past digihealth pulse Research: Digital Technology and Healthcare Providers (Infographic)

Open Access Availability: Public Access Does Not Expire There is a lot of data available about how physicians perceive and use digital technologies.  Yet, less is known about how their perceptions and use patterns compare to other health providers. In addition, there is very little research on how things change when providers are passively observed […]

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