digihealth pulse features data from the Digital Health Consumer Tracking Study and is the Home of a High-Impact Global Virtual Digital Health Conference
digihealth pulse has two goals: to investigate the impact of digital content on health behaviors and help people learn from the world's best minds about the future of health. digihealth pulse's research arm is powered by enmoebius, a patented digital surveillance and behavioral measurement technology developed by Enspektos, LLC.

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Obamacare, Wearables, Health Data Privacy, Ingestible Sensors and More: Explaining and Visualizing digihealth pulse Wave 2

In September 2012, I announced the launch of a unique study, digihealth pulse, which is designed to broaden understanding of how ePatients (or active digital health consumers) perceive health technologies and react to health content they encounter via the Web and social media.  The study is powered by enmoebius, our patent-pending digital surveillance and behavioral […]

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ePatient 2015 Infographic: 15 Surprising Trends Changing Healthcare

As readers of digihealth pulse are aware, I’ve been working on a book focusing on the future of digital health with bestselling author Rohit Bhargava titled ePatient 2015: 15 Trends That Are Changing Healthcare. We premiered the book at this year’s Health 2.0 Conference in Silicon Valley.  The book (learn more about it here) is […]

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Generic No More: Medivizor Illustrates How Organizations Delivering Personalized Health Content Will Win the Future

Public Access Expires June 21, 2013 A few months ago, e-Patient Dave wrote a blog post highlighting a new Web property called Medivizor that is fulfilling the personalized health information future we’ve been sketching out for those subscribing to enmoebius bronze, our digital health research and advisory service.  We focus on how Big Data, powerful […]

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What’s Influencing How Parents Make Medical Decisions? Dads Are From Digital and Moms Are From Human

Open Access Availability: Public Access Has Expired We all know that humans play a major role in shaping how people make health and medical decisions — for good or ill.  That’s why we were so surprised when we found that things aren’t as human-centric as we believed. It turns out that dad ePatients (or active […]

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